Ten Potential Blog Posts

Here are 10 potential blog posts that I can write about:

  1. Why I enjoy being a software manager
  2. Why I loathe being a software manager
  3. Challenging personnel situations
  4. Common situations and how to react
  5. Time management / being overwhelmed
  6. Agile / Lean adaptation
  7. Challenges in embedded vs. saas
  8. Tackling difficult conversations
  9. Architectural Discussions + Patterns
  10. Recommended Books

There are probably a ton more, but these are the ones that are on the top of my head.


My first post!

Hey everyone.  This is my first blog post.

I’ve been working in the software industry for 12+ years, and managing teams and people for the past 5 years.

This blog is my attempt to share my thoughts and lessons learned in the field.

My goal is to help sharpen my own thoughts by writing them down and potentially connect and share ideas with like minded folks in the future!